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JH Glazing Co. have over thirty years of experience catering to the people of Croydon and the surrounding areas. While we have a general specialisation in all forms of commercial and domestic window replacements, we also offer additional services like bespoke conservatories and the replacement of damaged locks, handles and hinges.
We put special emphasis on not only providing the best possible service but also on trying to be one of the most cost effective.
We believe one of the best ways to provide both a high quality product and keep costs down for the consumer is to use uPVC instead of more traditional materials.
If you are looking for any uPVC related glazier work in and around the Croydon area feel free to contact us for a quote and we'll do our best to accommodate

Why Choose uPVC?

uPVC or as it's less commonly known as: unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a fantastic low maintenance building material that is the prefect substitute for traditional building materials like wood or aluminium. Unlike the previously mentioned; uPVC is far more hard wearing and doesn't require any additional coating with waterproofing agents.

It's an ideal material to replace single and double glazed windows but it's application is so varied most modern day building projects likely contain it in some form. From soffits and fascia boards all, the way through to plumbing fittings and pipes. In fact uPVC is so cost effective and weather resistant that traditional copper piping is fast becoming obsolete.

All of our uPVC windows and doors are compliant with all standard building regulations and meet the national standard energy rating. Our entire range is also available in a multitude of colours from more traditional wood grain finishes to standard matte black and white.
uPVC materials also require no painting and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, the user requires little more than a wet cloth and you can keep all of your fittings and windows looking pristine all year round.

Why choose JH Glazing Co?

Now that you know all of the positives for choosing uPVC over wood or other similar building materials, the next question I'm sure you're asking yourself is “why should I choose JH Glazing Co?”.
Great question! We're here to help you decide.

  • We're local – JH Glazing Co were established in 1979 and have been servicing the people of Croydon for well over 30 years now. Not only are we based in Croydon but we are Croydon born and bred.
  • Family focused – Our family has been based in Croydon now for generations and we believe that makes us great at understanding the character of the people of Croydon. We make sure to in still in all of our workers a great appreciation and respect to what it truly means to be from Croydon. We believe in supporting our local community and hopefully that means the local community supports us right back.
  • Quality work – The quality of our craftsmanship speaks for itself but why not hear what our customers have to say
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